Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I have sent a card as per below to my son who is at the residence in Waterloo.  Just something for my son from his family and his beloved dog in Toronto.     Advertisements

Ginger Crab

Taking the advantage of the sale for the crabs.  I have made a ginger and green onion crab dish for dinner tonight.  It tastes good only if you don’t mind the messy eating. Here is the recipe:   INGREDIENT: 1 crab (about 2 pounds) 12 pieces peeled and thin sliced ginger 4 stalks green onion […]

Knitted Hat

As I just recently picked up my knitting hobbies.  I wanted to start some short and simple pieces.  Here are the two hats for my mom.  Hope she will like them.    

Weekend Cooking

I have to share my baked apple chips here, they taste better than they look.  I used convectional oven, but the colour is still not even as you can see.  I will try to improve that. wait for my next trial…lol The other one is the chicken noodle chop that I made for my son […]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Here we go again – FOOD!  My mom made some traditional food for the Chinese New Year.  The first one is made of cane sugar and flour cake, once it was sliced, it is very good to pan fry with egg.  The second one is the same cake but with red bean in it, one […]

Wool Scarf Knitting Project

I recently picked up my knitting hobby.  I have made a cowl for my son hoping he will like it and to keep him warm. This time I have used 2 strands of  100 % wool yarn, it is very soft and has the cozy feeling.  

Turnip Cake

Chinese New Year is approaching soon.  My mom made the traditional turnip cake for the family, that is my favourite.  It brings lots of my childhood memories.   The stores sell them too but there is no comparison with the homemade.  Lots of hard work – big credit to my mom!! It is made of […]