Happy 2012! (I baked cookies again!)

Here comes my baking trial again. ¬†Another try for my elder son who is going back to university on Tuesday.. ¬†The chocolate chucks look funny, I just added in for my son cause chocolate is his favourite. RECIPES FOR ALMOND SHORTBREAD COOKIES Ingredients 1 cup blended almonds 1 cup all-purpose floor 1/2 teaspoon baking powder […]

I baked cookies today (first time ever!)

Today I made cookies. Here is the recipe: For 15 pieces. Ingredients: Unsalted butter – 40 grams Brown sugar – 30 grams Egg yolk – 30 grams All purposes flour (pre-sifted) – 80 grams Whole wheat flour (pre-sifted) – 20 grams Almond crumbs – 1 tablespoon For decoration: Egg white Whole piece of almond – […]